4 thoughts on “Laundry day?”

    1. Good question.
      We had hoped to get it down to Grenada or Trinidad, but running out of time. Jen needs to go home soon and not sure about continuing on my own. I planned on coming home in July. May look into leaving it here although not safe. If no space here will have to continue on to Dominican Republic and beyond hoping to find somplace. Hope Jen stays a bit longer to help.

  1. Want me to look into putting your house up for sale? I’m having an estate sale in August I can sell all your “stuff” for you, and your truck? Though who buys your truck won’t get too far because I believe every tire is flat. Lol

    But no worries; looks like the only worries you have is keeping your sails in good shape to sail to the next carribean island! You lucky SOB!

    1. Yes I want everything sold including house.

      Estate sale sounds interesting.
      Not sure how it works or what it costs.

      Im coming home in July to get it done.
      Maybe you can help.


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