Chris Parker

Weather this week is pretty good for moving from T&C to PuertoRico – BUT ONLY for an offshore trip, moving NE from T&C until you’re along the sub-Tropical RIDGE…then E for 1-2 days…then S or SSE.

More specifically, you could depart almost any day, but I would aim to depart Wed7 or Thu8. Tue6 night-Wed7 morning wind will be quite brisk ESE@21-24g30, and seas 7-8’…but with a Wed7 morning departure from ProvoT&C area, you’ll be in the lee of the T&C with an ESE-SE wind, and sailing NE, and during the day Wed7 settles.

Regardless whether you depart Wed7 or Thu8, on Day2 of your trip you would be near 24N/70W.

From Day2 to Day3 your wind veers more to the SSE, allowing you to sail closer to an E direction…so your location on Day3 may be near 25N between 68W to 67W.

About 60 hours into the trip, you might lie near 25N/67W, which is about where you may want to TACK and sail SW initially, then SSW then S as wind direction backs toward E.

Wind backs ESE as a function of time (regardless where you are, your wind direction backs ESE by Sat10 or Sun11)….and wind also backs a little more toward the E as a function of your Latitude (closer to E the farther S you move).

By the end of Day5 you should be reaching PuertoRico…so if you leave T&C Wed7, you arrive PuertoRico by the end of the day Mon12. If you depart Thu8, then you arrive about Tue13.

If this sounds like a reasonable plan, then I will email you Tue6 to let you know whether I suggest departing Wed7 or Thu8, then I’ll email forecast the day before departure.

If this plan (sailing offshore) is a non-starter, then I do not see any reasonable opportunities to move in the near future, but the least-bad might be to bash your way to BigSandCay on Wed7 or Thu8, then sail an overnight departing BigSandCay Thu8 afternoon / arriving Luperon Fri9 morning while the catabatic winds remain in place (arrive by 9am Fri9). On this plan you would only get to Luperon, and you would be motoring into mostly 14-18g23k winds with 4-6′ seas to get there, which sounds very ugly.

Please LET ME KNOW what you think…Chris.

180 nautical miles NORTH out of our way.


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