Six days out to sea

CWF5 – Depart: Provo, Turks and caicos – To: Puerto Rico (aguadilla or arecibo?) – (sc) Tyrntlzrdking – 30′ Maine Cat 30

You should have a good departure from T&C Wed7, with brisk mostly SE wind, allowing you to sail ENE on a close reach…on the S side of sub-Tropical RIDGE which lies along 25N. If you were along 25N, your wind would be S@12.

RIDGE gradually lifts N to about 26N Thu8 and 27N Fri9…causing your wind to remain mostly SE and moderate in strength…changing little from conditions departing T&C.

The SE flow in your area is supported by the normal gradient S of the RIDGE…but your wind is stronger than it would otherwise be, due to series of LOs migrating ENE-ward along a deep TROF from Florida thru waters S of CanadianMaritimes.

However, during Fri9 night-Sat10 the TROF and associated LOs weaken, and cause the induced flow across RIDGE to weaken…allowing your wind to both moderate AND back ESE in direction.

STRATEGY for your trip will be to sail ENE-E on a close reach for as long as wind remains SE (probably thru Fri9 afternoon)…then, when wind begins backing ESE, you’ll TACK and sail S.

During Sat10 night-Sun11 as you move farther S of RIDGE, your wind both backs E and rebuilds…allowing you to sail SSE on close reach or S on beam reach, depending whether you’re laying the W Coast of PuertoRico or not.

Most of the day Wed7, departing T&C: 130@18g23<15g19k, wind-chop 5'<4'. STRATEGY: sailing close reach in general ENE direction (sail as close a reach as you can, without sacrificing too much speed/comfort). Wed7 late afternoon-night, near 22-30N/70-30W: 120@14g18<135@18g23, wind-chop 4'<6', STRATEGY: same. Most of the day Thu8, near 23-25N/69-20W: 135@17g21<14g18k, wind-chop 5'<4', STRATEGY: same. Thu8 late afternoon-night, near 24N/68W: 120@14g18<135@16g20, wind-chop 4'<4-5', STRATEGY: same. Fri9, near 24-30N/67W: 135@17g21<150@12, wind-chop 5'<3', STRATEGY: same...but if wind becomes sufficiently light to motor into AND you are nearing 67W...THEN you could motor SE on Fri9 during the day Fri9. Fri9 night, near 23N/67W: 140@12<120@14g18, wind-chop 3'<4', STRATEGY: motorsailing or sailing S along about 67W. Sat10, near 21-30N/67W: 110@14g18<100@18g23, wind-chop 4'<5-6', STRATEGY: sailing S on close reach along about 67W. Sat10 night, near 20N/67W: 100@18g23<090@20g25, wind-chop 6'<6-7'. STRATEGY: same. Sun11, approaching PR: 090@17-20g26, wind-chop 5-7', STRATEGY: same. Sun11 night, along W Coast of PR: 060@17-23g20<10k, wind-chop 5-8'<2'. STRATEGY: same. If you have questions, let me know...Chris.

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