Chinoteague/Assateague Island

Didn’t make it to Norfolk Va today😕
Tomorrow we will☺ and our trip down the ICW will begin.
We went all nite last nite. My first time out on the open ocean and it turned out to be my first overnite. It was a beautiful day….riding swells in the sunshine. All was good and we decided that since the weather was ideal we would continue on as far as we could go.
My watch began at 1 am …everything was good. The moon sank about 1:45 am and left me in complete darkness!! Still riding huge swells…at least ten feet!! It was all good. Jeff’s watch was much longer (he deserves a lot of credit for his long watch). Then we needed fuel😂. We ended up here in this lovely town after the craziest entry into a harbor we’ve ever seen! Breakers, shoals, mud flats etc. You get the picture😂. It was brutal!! But we finally made it in without any damage☺.
For now we are sitting at Chincoteague Harbor VA. It was advised by some local fishermen that were here at the harbor that we should stay put for the day so we took their advice and stayed. They were so nice…they took us into town to the grocery store to load up on groceries and now were chillin with a beverage (and listening to Kid Rock) preparing for our trip tomorrow. So we plan to head out about 8 am tomorrow morn and make our way south to Chesapeake Bay on our way to Norfolk VA to enter the ICW. Finally☺

We Made It

We finally left Breweton early on the 4th day as it was perfect conditions to cross Lake Oneida.  Once crossed we continued on thru the canal traveling til about 4 pm when we docked in Herkimer NY for the nite.  We also got a chance to get a few items at the grocery store.

We left early today hoping to transit as many locks as possible.  We managed to do 11 locks and approximately 60 miles before settling just past lock 8 with a view of the dam beside the lock.

Tomorrow we plan to finish the locks/canal and chill in Waterford for the rest of the day.

After we put the mast back up our focus will be on Hurricane Matthew and staying out of his track!

More delays to warm weather 🙁


Was finally able to leave Brewerton and cross Lake Oneida safely. 


Making way along the canal.

Lock 8

Current location docked at Lock 8 in Schenectady NY.


We almost left Brewerton today 🙂
But we didn’t 🙁
As we were docked at the pier, chillin on the boat today (literally), we noticed our Canadian friends on SV Echo Beach heading past us onto Lake Oneida and thought to ourselves we should attempt the cross. As we headed out to the open waters of the lake we quickly realized the wave action was possibly too much for the mast on the cradle and decided to return to safe harbor for another day…or two. Looking at the forecast it could be Monday.
So tonight we sit in Brewerton and wait for that weather window to give us calm water so we can cross Lake Oneida and get out of Brewerton NY 🙂
Rosie’s pizza was delicious!!


Day 10
When we left Albion yesterday before 9am it was cold and overcast 🙁 but by noon the sun was trying to peek thru the clouds…and it was warming up…a bit 🙂
We traveled for 9 hours today completing 4 locks and then settled for the nite in quiet, little Newark NY.
The scenery along the canal has been beautiful and very peaceful. Little towns along the canal welcome visitors/boaters with free docking, water, showers and some offer free laundry facilities 🙂 (Doing laundry now).
Will likely get a late start today as we make our way to Brewerton NY at the mouth of Lake Onieda.




Mast is down.
Began Erie canal today. Two locks complete, thirty three to go. Docked in Albion for the night.

It was Saturday, September 24th when we arrived in Tonawonda NY, the entrance to the Erie Canal and Wardell's Boat Yard to have the mast taken down.  What an experience that was...not fun but had to be done in order to transit the canal.  The task took most of the day but when we were finished we were treated to a boat ride to view Niagara Falls with some  friendly locals.  Thanks so much to Marci and Dana of Grand Island NY (GO BILLS!).

This morning we left Tonawonda and started our journey thru the Erie Canal arriving at Albion NY for the nite.  Seven hours, two locks and several bridges, in mostly rain, we had to call it a day.  We planned on going a little further but lock and lift bridge operators end their day at 5 pm 🙁 and so did we.

Tomorrow we continue heading east towards the Hudson River where we can finally turn south.  Cold temps and the approach of October make for chilly nites 🙁

Oh ya, and when we get the the Hudson River, we get to put the mast back up...more fun!!