Day 10
When we left Albion yesterday before 9am it was cold and overcast 🙁 but by noon the sun was trying to peek thru the clouds…and it was warming up…a bit 🙂
We traveled for 9 hours today completing 4 locks and then settled for the nite in quiet, little Newark NY.
The scenery along the canal has been beautiful and very peaceful. Little towns along the canal welcome visitors/boaters with free docking, water, showers and some offer free laundry facilities 🙂 (Doing laundry now).
Will likely get a late start today as we make our way to Brewerton NY at the mouth of Lake Onieda.




Mast is down.
Began Erie canal today. Two locks complete, thirty three to go. Docked in Albion for the night.

It was Saturday, September 24th when we arrived in Tonawonda NY, the entrance to the Erie Canal and Wardell's Boat Yard to have the mast taken down.  What an experience that was...not fun but had to be done in order to transit the canal.  The task took most of the day but when we were finished we were treated to a boat ride to view Niagara Falls with some  friendly locals.  Thanks so much to Marci and Dana of Grand Island NY (GO BILLS!).

This morning we left Tonawonda and started our journey thru the Erie Canal arriving at Albion NY for the nite.  Seven hours, two locks and several bridges, in mostly rain, we had to call it a day.  We planned on going a little further but lock and lift bridge operators end their day at 5 pm 🙁 and so did we.

Tomorrow we continue heading east towards the Hudson River where we can finally turn south.  Cold temps and the approach of October make for chilly nites 🙁

Oh ya, and when we get the the Hudson River, we get to put the mast back up...more fun!!



Kelly’s Island

Well, it’s the first day of autumn but you wouldn’t know it here on Lake Erie. We have had awesome weather since leaving Michigan. After leaving The Detroit River we made our way to Put-In-Bay to refuel and anchor for the nite but we were not happy with anchorage options so we moved on to Kelly’s Island just a few miles east. Good choice as we found a perfect anchorage with dingy access to Kelly’s Island State Park and showers!!! Simple luxuries:). A few beverages on the trampoline finished the evening off:) Perfect.
The next morning, we got an early start heading towards Fairport Harbor OH. It was much rougher this morning and it wasn’t long before I was feeding the fish (I hope to get better at this seasickness thing)! Still sunny and warm tho:). Jeff was fine:). We arrived at Fairport Harbor, found our anchorage, had dinner and a few beverages and settled in for a comfy nite.
We are now on our way to Erie PA. The sails are up and the sun is shining…84 degrees:) Super calm water with light winds…beautiful.
Another long travel day is ahead for us tomorrow as we head for Buffalo NY.
All is good…so far:)


Day one

Our first day was a breeze.
We left the harbor on the 10 am bridge opening.
It was a beautiful day as we travelled south along the St. Clair River, Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River. We are now anchored at Stony Island for the nite in a calm, protected bay and having a beverage 🙂 or two.
Tomorrow morning we start Lake Erie….and the next morning…and the next morning…It’s a long lake!
Forcast looks awesome! Summer weather is not done yet 🙂



Setting Sail

So here we are…setting sail from St. Clair Michigan for Marathon in the Florida Keys and then hopefully beyond.
After leaving the St. Clair harbor and traveling the St. Clair River, Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River we will sail the length of Lake Erie to Buffalo NY and the Niagara River where we will enter the Erie Canal at Tonawanda NY.
Jeff has traveled the Erie Canal once already bringing his Mainecat home to Michigan. This time we hope to enjoy the journey through the canal system before spilling out into the Hudson River on our way to New York City.
Wow!! New York City! We hope to anchor for the nite at the Statue of Liberty. I will post a pic of Lady Liberty.
Once we leave NYC we arrive at the Atlantic Ocean and head south for warmer temps.
Some open ocean sailing will be a new experience for me as we sail down the eastern seaboard until we can enter into the Intercoastal Waterway.
We will continue south along the ICW all the way to Florida until we reach Marathon and settle at Boot Key Harbor. After spending time in Florida our extended plan is to continue on to The Bahamas, Turks And Caicos, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands and all the way down the Lesser Antilles.
And who knows where else after that…..
Lets go!!