Setting Sail

So here we are…setting sail from St. Clair Michigan for Marathon in the Florida Keys and then hopefully beyond.
After leaving the St. Clair harbor and traveling the St. Clair River, Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River we will sail the length of Lake Erie to Buffalo NY and the Niagara River where we will enter the Erie Canal at Tonawanda NY.
Jeff has traveled the Erie Canal once already bringing his Mainecat home to Michigan. This time we hope to enjoy the journey through the canal system before spilling out into the Hudson River on our way to New York City.
Wow!! New York City! We hope to anchor for the nite at the Statue of Liberty. I will post a pic of Lady Liberty.
Once we leave NYC we arrive at the Atlantic Ocean and head south for warmer temps.
Some open ocean sailing will be a new experience for me as we sail down the eastern seaboard until we can enter into the Intercoastal Waterway.
We will continue south along the ICW all the way to Florida until we reach Marathon and settle at Boot Key Harbor. After spending time in Florida our extended plan is to continue on to The Bahamas, Turks And Caicos, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands and all the way down the Lesser Antilles.
And who knows where else after that…..
Lets go!!

3 thoughts on “Setting Sail”

  1. Wishing you safe travels .
    Looking forward to reading all of your posts,and coming for a visit somewhere along the way.
    Love you, ☀️

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